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Sharrb Glass Cartridge Filler vs The Competitor

When processing carts, disposables, and even darts, a lot of people head towards a semi-automatic cartridge filler to help them fill and dispense these products. There are many different options to choose from and we will be going over them today. 

When choosing a semi-automatic solution, the main thing to look for in the product is accuracy and efficiency, as well as hand strain. When hand filling with a small syringe, that will definitely tire your hand out by the end of the shift and also provide inaccurate levels in the cartridges. We are a much cheaper option compared to expensive cartridge filling machines.

All of these cart fillers come with plastic tubes, as you know terpenes degrade plastic, and with the heated sleeve, it is most likely to crack and break. We came across a brand that released the first cart filler with a glass tube encased in stainless steel. With a feature like this, it is truly game changing when you look at all the other cart fillers in the past. With a glass tube it is a lot easier to clean at the end of each shift, the plunger sits flush with the tube to prevent air bubbles, and to fill accurate increments of 0.5ml-2.5ml. This new tube will definitely withstand the test of time, compared to the plastic tube which will not last you. The SHARRB glass cart filler comes with the entire kit, an ergonomic handle design to help battle hand strain and provide a great filling experience.

Make the switch and you will not go back! We provide full warranty and customer support on every order.